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How would you of done the Draw

PostPosted: 11 Aug 2007, 11:35
by jcrennan
Ok lets say that Select did do the draw correctly however for the 66 set they ask you to organise it.


What steps should I suggest to Select in my annual report to them about their process. Maybe we are all wrong and maybe the draw was done correctly, but what can they do to show us this.

How should it be done, what changes, what ideas do YOU have. I know many of us have doubts and thoughts but let try and work out to make it work the next time or they may NEVER do this retro set again.


PostPosted: 11 Aug 2007, 11:51
by absti3
Should have left it as it was first in best dressed no issues then, although i have no issue with the ballot either. If its true and im sure it is that some do get advantages well they just need to say no ones allowed to buy until sales open.

PostPosted: 11 Aug 2007, 12:03
by go_carlton2004
I no longer trust Select. So I would want an independent auditor that ran or at least overseen the entire process.

PostPosted: 11 Aug 2007, 12:14
by absti3
If these allegations are true and Select do represent the AFL do they not?, isnt it an AFL issue, the biggest sporting body in the country?
Select are just the manufacturer so all supporters , barrackers etc need to have a chance to get some, surely they would have to ask permission of the Afl players asociation etc on what they can produce, so integrity should be a major issue.
Otherwise they may as well just produce them for retail outlets to sell as special sets only not to be broken up . Once sold then of course they can be resold however, just an idea. Or the distributor sells all 60 sets and can only take orders from a set date

PostPosted: 11 Aug 2007, 12:17
by go_carlton2004
They could have competition cards in series 2 packs etc.. all cards are sent in and go into the draw for the chance to purchase the set. the whole thing would need to be overseen by an independent auditor. no matter what they do.. they can not be trusted to do anything the right way

PostPosted: 11 Aug 2007, 12:53
by collingwood
Here's what I would have done.

In 2003 when the set was current I would have resolved all possible copyright/licensing/logo/branding issues and have the set ready to be released on time.

I would have the sent out flyers, emails promoting the release - as they do with usual releases. This would have built up the usual hype, but with the advertisement of them being a strictly limited release there would have been a lot of interest generated.

The release would have been limited to 250 sets, numbered, and priced at $45 per card.

Then the cards would have been released through the usual channels.


PostPosted: 11 Aug 2007, 13:26
by longsufferingcatsfan
First in best dressed, emails have a date time stamp on them. Any extras keep details incase someone in the first 60 has second thoughts and just re-allocate on a first in best dressed basis to the next inline.

(although if you read an earlier thread and my comments as to the first in best dressed method for the sig redemptions, I'd bet my left knacker that that's not working)

The difference however with email is, is that there is the date time stamp on them.

PostPosted: 11 Aug 2007, 13:29
by Bonecrusher
Live ballot to be conducted on the Footy Show :lol:

Set redemption cards in the yearly Select 2nd series. = Problems solved.

More thought into the payers selected, I mean David Rodan, Aaron Hamill, Brad Ottens, Des Headland, Luke Darcy, Nathan Thompson, Russell Robertson, Steven King do not deserve to be on these tradional scanlen cards.

I am sure Select keep a large list of people that redeem cards, maybe they should work off this list. If there are 200 regulars then they print 200 Promo's for starters and send to these people, if there are 1000 then they print 1000 promo's. Who here saw a promo?

To me it seems Select is run by amateurs at times.

PostPosted: 11 Aug 2007, 13:34
by go_carlton2004
Select is not ran in a proffessional way at all.. it never has been.. any other business that tried this **** would be out of business very quickly.. and i for one wouldnt mind if they did go out of business... would make way for someone else with some integrity to enter the marketplace.. sure heaps of people would like the opportunity.

PostPosted: 11 Aug 2007, 13:44
by collingwood
All of these ways we're talking about are better than this:

Letting promos out in 2003
Behind-the-scenes offering of uncut sheets
People being offered sets last year at $1500 and being able to purchase and receive multiple sets, and these people purely in on the game for profiteering
A non-transparent ballot process with allegations of favouritism and denial of opportunity
False advertising of 60 sets when in fact some had already been allocated

PostPosted: 11 Aug 2007, 14:25
by richo01
I think it was inevitable that some sets got before the release. Like these cards where made 4 years ago. And as time went by it looked more like these cards would never be released.
As for a fair way to release the cards, im not sure. Maybe redemption cards in series 2. But you still have to pay the $2750.

BTW if there were 120 sets for sale, select would of received 1/3 of a million dollars :shock:

PostPosted: 11 Aug 2007, 14:35
by collingwood
I have sent a very polite email to Select just now requesting they provide me with information about how the process was managed. This will be interesting.

PostPosted: 11 Aug 2007, 15:55
by jcrennan
I think if they produced the 120 sets instead of 60 sets then people wouldnt pay as much and Select wouldn't charge as much

Remember it is cost(payment to designers/AFL/players etc) + printing cost + profit

So if they printed twice as many there wouldnt of been much extra in cost so at 120 set I would expect that they would of been $1500 at the most.

But if there were 120 sets the true value would of been closer to $1000.

I think they had to make it a very short printed set to make it prestiges enough for everyone to want them.

I do think that maybe they hadn't thought through the whole process and what would be said about it. Just think it could of been worse they could of supplied the cards to one SOLE EXCLUSIVE seller and let then do/sell as they wished.

If anyone hears / sees any for sale can they drop me an email / pm

PostPosted: 11 Aug 2007, 16:26
by go_carlton2004
I will be keeping a file on all sales John... (any that I see/hear about).. need some hard facts as back up.