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Guernsey Die Cuts WANTED

Threads on cards you want

Guernsey Die Cuts WANTED

Postby Go North » 02 Jan 2014, 15:57

It's annoying to get nearly a full set out of a box to find that you are missing just two or three. I'm sure there are others of you out there who are in he same boat.

I need the following to make up team sets:-

2009 Pinnicle
GDC054.Andrew Lovett - Essendon
GDC055.Heath Hocking – Essendon
GDC096.Mitchell Thorp - Hawthorn
GDC064.Team Logo - Fremantle
GDC065.Chris Tarrant - Fremantle
GDC097.Brendan Whitecross - Hawthorn
GDC098.Campbell Brown - Hawthorn
GDC099.Simon Taylor - Hawthorn
GDC086.David Wojcinski – Geelong

2010 Prestige
GDC090.Rick Ladson – Hawthorn
GDC093.Garry Moss – Hawthorn
GDC095.Stephen Gilham – Hawthorn
GDC098.Ryan Schoenmakers - Hawthorn
GDC099.Brent Renouf – Hawthorn
GDC080.Tom Lonergan - Geelong
GDC081.Tom Hawkins - Geelong
GDC082.Cameron Mooney - Geelong
GDC086.Mitch Duncan - Geelong
GDC087.Dawson Simpson - Geelong

I have the following to trade for them:-

2006 Champions
DC068.Nick Davis - Sydney

2006 Supreme
DC082.Rhett Biglands - Adelaide
DC104.Daniel Harris - North Melbourne
DC164.Amon Buchanan - Sydney
DC171.Chris Grant - Western Bulldogs
DC173.Daniel Giasiracusa - Western Bulldogs

2009 Champions
GDC156.Justin Koschitzke - StKilda
GDC157.Stephen Milne - StKilda

2009 Pinnicle
GDC008.Ben Rutten - Adelaide
GDC009.Patrick Dangerfield - Adelaide
GDC010.Iavn Maric - Adelaide
GDC021.Daniel Merrett - Brisbane
GDC027.Albert Proud - Brisbane
GDC029.Simo Wiggins - Carlton
GDC040.Checklist - Collingwood
GDC041.Shane O'bree - Collingwood
GDC050.Ben Reid - Collingwood
GDC130.Justin Westhoff - Port Adelaide
GDC146.Joel Bowden - Richmond
GDC149.Sam Gilbert - StKilda
GDC152.Michael Gardiner - StKilda
GDC153.Andrew McQualter - StKilda
GDC164.Ted Richards - Sydney
GDC165.Ryan O'keefe - Sydney
GDC166.Rhyce Shaw - Sydney
GDC180.Quinten Lynch - West Coast
GDC181.Brent Staker - West Coast (x2)
GDC185.Tom Williams - Western Bulldogs (x2)
GDC188.Brian Lake - Western Bulldogs
GDC193.Anddrejs Everett - Western Bulldogs

2010 Champions
GDC149.Lenny Hayes - StKilda
GDC150.Justin Koschitzke - StKilda

2010 Prestige
HFG008.Nathan Bock - Adelaide
HFG009.Trent Henschel - Adelaide
HFG011.Michael Doughty - Adelaide
HFG012.Scott Stevens - Adelaide
HFG101.Matthew Bate - Melbourne
HFG108.Matthew Wrnock - Melbourne
HFG109.Joel McDonald - Melbourne
HFG111.Jack Trengrove - Melbourne
HFG117.Ben Ross - North Melbourne
HFG118.Liegh Adams - North Melbourne
HFG119.Sam Wright - North Melbourne
HFG133.Warren Tredrea - Port Adelaide
HFG137.Daniel Connors - Richmond
HFG139.Tom Hislop - Richmond
HFG141.Luke McGuane - Richmond
HFG157.Steven King - StKilda
HFG158.Ben McEvoy - StKilda

If anyone out there can help me out that would be magic. Hopefully someone has spares of what I need and needs what I have spare. :)
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