Footy cards on channel 9 news.

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Footy cards on channel 9 news.

Post by richo01 »

Tomorrow night on Chaneel 9 Melbourne news they will show a short story about footy cards. I think they just interview Rick Milne. Anyway should be worth watching.

Also Rick Milne has an auction on May 17th. Here are some cards up for sale.

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Re: Footy cards on channel 9 news.

Post by collingwood »

Yeah, I came in the room at the end of that promotion. Rick's auction's got some great cards - about 4 1963 Scanlens, all in what you could call near mint - they're a bit browned. Some excellent Valentines and Weekly Times postcards as well, and some varieties of Suburban Premiums not seen (error cards - wrong name on the back with a strike out and the corrected name). Auction's being held at the Carlton Bowls Club I think as the Princes Park facilities are being renovated.

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Re: Footy cards on channel 9 news.

Post by endo »

The valentine Postcards (the coloured team ones) will be interesting. At Leski's Auctions last year these realised $400-$600 dollars per card! The Scanlens 1963 will be interesting as well. I have seen these sell for over $2000 on eBay but given the financial situation I suspect they will fetch less. be a good guide where things are in the market. For some reason the 1963 Farmer (not at this auction) is really hard to find. Anyone know why?

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Re: Footy cards on channel 9 news.

Post by dannyboy4 »

yeh saw that, good watch

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