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2017 Footy Stars - Green Starburst

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2017 Footy Stars - Green Starburst

Postby danny_r » 25 Jun 2017, 13:42

Hi All

Looking to trade for '2017 Footy Stars - Green Starburst'.

SB1, SB7, SB9, SB13, SB16, SB18, SB20, SB21, SB24, SB25, SB28, SB31, SB32, SB33, SB36, SB38, SB39, SB40, SB42, SB44, SB46, SB52, SB54, SB56, SB58, SB60, SB61, SB63, SB65, SB68, SB70

SB2, SB3, SB6, SB8, SB11, SB12, SB14, SB15, SB17, SB22, SB23, SB26, SB27, SB29, SB30, SB34, SB35, SB37, SB41, SB43, SB45, SB47, SB49, SB51, SB53, SB55, SB57, SB59, SB62, SB64, SB66, SB67, SB71, SB72

Please PM if interested in a trade.


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Recommended AFLtcc Trader
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