2014 AFL Micro Figures

Coles 2014 AFL Micro Figures

Coles has release a new product in 2014 with the AFL Micro Figures (Lego men look-a-like). These figures can be purchased in sealed packs for $2 and comes with a Micro Figure and 2 pieces of a Jigsaw that when completed will make up an AFL football ground.

And like any product trying to get every sale out of people they can, the set contains some rare micro figures. The set comprises of 35 figures and a few variations with some coming without footballs, some with white footballs and a few with red footballs. There are also the rare Brownlow Micro Figures. You will also find an Album available for $10.

The figures and more information including a checklist you can printout showing all the players can be found at www.aflmicrofigures.com